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For a curious being on the path of coherence, a book is the final destination.

We carry a prodigious love for books and reading for generations. Our sole aim is to share our passion with you. At Rajat Book Corner, we strive to enrich the experience of all reading enthusiasts by offering an infinite collection of books to read from. Our assemblage includes books on fiction, non-fiction, autobiographies, psychology, medical, management studies and many more genres to fill your heart’s content. We believe that for every book, there is a destined set of readers and the same is likewise for every reader. So walk into our store and let serendipity guide you to the book of your fortune.

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Thursday, 26th July, 2018

Meet Venkat Iyer the delightful Author of the book: Moong Over Microchips at The Open Space Society (TOSS) on Thursday, 26th July, 2018 at 6pm.

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