Our Smart Box

Welcome to a Smart Box Subscription Plan

This is your monthly dose of AMAZING books, all personally curated by our team, here at Rajat Book Corner. The entire idea driving this subscription box is to give a gift to yourself from yourself !

We offer many different boxes to suit your needs ! from people who have discovered reading to incorrigible bookworms, we have you all covered ! so just dive in and choose a box to suit your appetite !




₹ 999/-

A kid needs books. Words make sense, language holds meaning and now the kids are curious as to what the big book holds. This is the moment to gift your child this box of joy which includes not only story books but also an activity set which would keep your kid busy.



₹ 1099/-

This box is focused on adults who don’t want to grow up. Packed with the latest fantasy or action, this box will prove to be an utter delight. Along with some hand-picked bookish goodies, this box will contain 2 book!

Blackberry box

₹ 1099/-

This box is officially the grown up box. It contains the latest in literary fiction and non-fiction. Along with some hand-picked bookish goodies, this box containing 2 beautiful books will surely keep you busy throughout the month.


₹ 1699/-

Bigger than the blackberry box. This box will contain 3 books from the latest in literary fiction and non-fiction to satiate the hungry bookworm in you, along with some hand-picked bookish goodies to warm your heart